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Our Attorneys Have the Experience It Takes

Car accidents remain the leading cause of accidental deaths in the United States. There are approximately 10 million auto accidents per year and serious car accidents result in almost 3 million serious injuries and more than 30,000 deaths annually.  The good news is that improvements in motor vehicle safety features, stricter traffic laws, harsher DUII penalties, and more aggressive enforcement of DUII and other driving laws have paid off because motor vehicle accident fatalities have been declining in recent years.  Nevertheless, collisions involving cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, semi-trucks, motorcycles, and pedestrians continue to claim the lives of Eugeners every year and to drain our region’s health care resources.

Car Accidents Are a Problem in Eugene

National accident statistics are especially bleak, but motor vehicle accidents are a serious local problem as well. In a recent year, our state saw 41,000 car accidents that resulted in over 28,000 people being injured and 400 dying. In Eugene we experience about 1,500 car crashes per year that result in almost 700 annual accident-related injuries and ten fatalities. The compassionate team of car accident attorneys at Dwyer Williams Potter LLP know that accident victims are more than just a number. The loss and injury suffered when a driver creates an unreasonable risk of harm to others cannot be measured by simple statistics or dollar figures. The loss of the ability to walk hand in hand with one’s spouse or carry one’s child in your arms is immeasurable, as is the wrongful death of someone who you love.

We Care About Our Clients

At Dwyer Williams Potter LLP, we have been representing those who suffer serious injury or who have lost a loved one in Eugene car accidents for decades, with a success rate that exceeds 98 percent.  While our experience, expertise, and resources means that we have the ability to handle the most serious and complex auto accident cases, we maintain long-term relationships with many of our clients because you are our families, friends, and neighbors.  We are committed to helping those who have suffered serious injuries to recover and rebuild their lives.  We will help you obtain the vital financial compensation that you need to pay medical bills and to recover lost income and other financial hardships that can accompany a serious car accident.  While we live and practice law right here in Eugene, our firm is well known throughout the State of Oregon.

We Negotiate While You Heal

Our experienced attorneys offer zealous advocacy, skilled negotiation, many years of expertise and experience, and heartfelt empathy to our Eugene auto accident clients.  We know that when you or a family member has been involved in a car accident, the emotional, physical and financial toll can be devastating.  Our experienced team of Oregon car accident attorneys diligently pursues your best interest when dealing with legal issues and insurance companies so that you can focus on recovering and taking care of your family.  We are often able to obtain a favorable result through negotiation, but we prepare for litigation in court because we know that the best outcome is reached by negotiating from a position of strength.

The caring and dedicated attorneys at Dwyer Williams Potter LLP understand that financial compensation cannot give you back the life of a loved one or truly compensate you for the loss of your physical or mental functioning. However, we can ease your challenges and grief by reducing your need to worry about dealing with insurance carriers and obtaining replacement income so that you can cope with medical expenses and household expenses while you are recovering. Our Eugene car accident attorneys know that many motor vehicle accidents in Eugene result in catastrophic injuries including head and neck injuries, brain trauma, severe spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and significant internal organ damage. These types of injuries can lead to permanent loss of mental or physical functioning and disability from employment. The cost associated with such injuries can be overwhelming and it is for this reason that we work diligently on our clients’ behalf to help them obtain the compensation they need in order to provide for their families, afford medical expenses and long-term rehabilitative or supportive care, and to maintain their standard of living.

Common Types of Eugene Motor Vehicle Collisions:

Because our attorneys have over 70 years of collective experience representing those who suffer serious injury or wrongful death in Eugene car accidents, we have represented clients involved in all kinds of motor vehicle accidents including:

  • Motorcycle accidents often involving serious injuries or fatalities
  • Tractor-trailer collisions
  • Rollover accidents involving SUVs, 15 passenger vans, and other vehicles
  • Deadly head-on crashes
  • Rear-end accidents
  • Pedestrian collisions with cars
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Accidents while backing up
  • Single car accidents including roll-overs
  • Vehicles that run off the road
  • Chain reaction crashes
  • Sideswipe collisions

If you are the victim of a Eugene auto accident or have lost a loved one in a Eugene car accident, we may be able to assist you in obtaining compensation for a wide range of damages including hospital and medical expenses, past and future lost income, pain and suffering, decreased enjoyment of life, loss of companionship or services of a spouse as well as punitive damages or burial and funeral expenses in certain cases. 

We are available to review your case and will provide a candid evaluation. Call us today for a toll-free consultation at 888-700-4792.