Our Eugene Personal Injury Attorneys at a Glance

Richard Potter | Eugene Personal Injury Law Firm

Richard Potter brings his long military background to the table within our personal injury law firm when negotiating with tough insurance companies.


Roy Dwyer | Eugene Personal Injury Law Firm
Roy Dwyer is the senior partner at our personal injury law firm. He has won numerous prestigious awards throughout his career.


Tim Williams | Eugene Personal Injury Law Firm

Tim Williams is the lead trial attorney at our personal injury law firm. He has taken more cases to trial than most other injury attorneys.


Arne Cherkoss | Oregon Personal Injury Law Firm

Arne Cherkoss uses his background as a former insurance defense attorney to give us unique insight into our personal injury law firm cases.



David Rosen brings over six years of experience, including three years as an economist analyzing damage theory in various types of cases, to Dwyer Williams and Potter Attorneys LLP.


Put one of Oregon’s most experienced personal injury law firms to work for you.


Dwyer Williams Potter LLP has many years of personal injury experience and our attorneys are ready to assist with all of our clients’ specific needs. While some personal injury law firms take a “one-size-fits-all” approach by practicing personal injury law as well as other fields of law, we feel that our clients are better served when their attorneys specialize in only one area of law. As committed personal injury lawyers, we train, study, practice, lecture, and litigate only in the field of personal injury law.

We know the legal process can be complicated and intimidating for clients, so we walk each of our clients through the entire process to relieve their stress and anxiety.  At Dwyer Williams Potter LLP, our attorneys and staff welcome client communication and visits with an open door: we make ourselves available to meet with clients upon their request. Working alongside our clients as they rebuild their lives, we strive to get fair and just compensation for their serious accident and personal injury cases by pursuing those cases to their best possible outcome.

No Recovery, No Fee!

We work on a contingency basis rather than on an hourly basis. This means that if we do not recover money to compensate you for your injuries, you don’t have to pay us a dime in attorney fees!  We believe that this policy serves our clients best and that it reflects our dedication to serving them.